Hoe gaan Klanten afrekenen in uw WooCommerce webshop?

You need a third party that processes the payments for you, a so-called payment provider. They arrange the processing of your payments. Standard WooCommerce alone is not sufficient. The payment providers are linked to your Woocommerce webshop with a plugin. In this plugin you link the webshop to the payment provider using an API key. [...]

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Welke Payment Service Providers (betaalproviders) zijn er ondermeer?

It is important that you are clear at the start of your online store which payment methods you want to offer. There are costs associated with each payment method, which differ per provider. Some of the<strong>most used payment methods are: iDEAL , Paypal , Sofort Banking (German iDEAL) and MisterCash (Belgian iDEAL). A number of [...]

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Waarom een ​​e-commerce website laten ontwikkelen met WooCommerce?

The main reason to have an online store created with WooCommerce is because of the seamless connection with WordPress and the many possibilities it has. WooCommerce is the online store plugin that expands the WordPress website with a professional online store. More than 22% of all online stores worldwide use this. Because of this large [...]

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