Wat zijn de meest populaire bannerformaten?

Banners come in all kinds of sizes. To achieve the desired results with your campaign, it is important to choose good ad formats. There are a number of formats that are most commonly used. The most popular banner sizes are: 120×600 – skyscraper 160×600 – large skyscraper 300×600 – wide skyscraper 300×250 – rectangle 336×280 [...]

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Wat zijn IAB bannerstandaarden?

IAB is an abbreviation of Interactive Advertising Bureau. This is the trade association for digital advertising and marketing. They set the standards for, among other things, the dimensions of display banners. An IAB banner set is a banner set that consists of 5, 6 or 7 banners in one of the sizes below: 300×250 – [...]

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Waar kan ik de webbanners van mijn campagne allemaal plaatsen?

There are many ways to use ads to publish them. You can choose many networks and platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook or an affiliate network such as Daisycon. These all ensure target group-oriented placements, which are easily measurable. Rich Media banners are often not placed via a platform, but directly via purchased advertising space [...]

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Welke bannerformaten zijn nodig voor mijn campagne?

The formats required depend on which platform the banners or videos will be used on. For example, do you choose Google Ads (Google Display Network) or an affiliate network such as Daisycon. Each network has its requirements regarding formats and delivery instructions. Rickid can inform you about this. Tip! With a more extensive variety of [...]

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