Is Elementor an intuitive and easy-to-use WordPress page builder?

Not sure if Elementor WordPress Page Builder is the right choice for you? Read this article below. In short, Elementor is a free, intuitive and user-friendly plug-in for creating visual (web) pages in WordPress. It works accurately with every possible WordPress theme. You can simply leave the included pagebuilder active in your WordPress enviroment and run elementor next to it. You edit the pages directly in the front end. You can also choose to use the hello theme of elementor. With elementor you just get more options and more extensive features than with most pagebuilders and moreover you don’t need HTML /CSS/PHP/ coding skills. If you want to upgrade your website with more advanced features than regular pagebuilders offer, Elementor is a good option. Below is a more detailed explanation of why Elementor is such a great pagebuilder to use.

Key features
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Elementor: what’s good about it?
Elementor: what’s not right about it?
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WordPress drag and drop pagebuilders

A WordPress drag drop pagebuilder is often included with a WordPress theme. The drag and drop feature makes it easier for these pagebuilders to build pages and other elements of your website. Examples of popular pagebuilders include: Visual composer, divi pagebuilder, WPBakery Page Builder, themify builder and beaver builder.

Elementor is relatively a new stand-alone plugin that is free to download and use. It can be used on any possible WordPress website and WordPress Theme. Despite all this competition, elementor has become very popular in a relatively short period of time.

Key features

Front-end page developer

The elementor’s front-end page designer is a WYSIWYG editor. That means that the version you see in elementor interface is exactly what your visitors get to see. The visual interface enables many smart actions such as:

  1. Faster operations;
  2. Drag and drop elements;
  3. Control over the positioning of content;
  4. Alignment of edges or margins;
  5. Advanced widgets;
  6. Ability to bypass the entire structure of the site within the live space

Blocks and templates

There is an extensive library of fully customizable blocks and templates. When you’re done formatting a block(s) or page(s), you can easily save it as a template(s) and use it for other pages and blocks to fill it in.

elementor templates-rickidwebdesign

Mobile friendliness

It is easy to make the pages and other elements of the website suitable for mobile. In the elementor interface, go to the desktop icon and click on it. This can be found next to the Publish button. This includes mobile editing mode, and then click to adjust the right mobile elements. Here you can customize almost anything to make the pages mobile-friendly. By the way, it won’t affect your changes to desktop mode. This feature ensures that your website is 100% responsive to mobile visitors, no matter what smartphone they use.

In-line text editing

The Elementor plug-in offers endless customization options to your WordPress sites. One of the useful possibilities is the inline text editing. You can write the texts directly in the frontend of the page preview space.

This makes writing or editing content extra quick and easy for, for example, landing pages and blog posts. You can also customize your fontface in this interface, use the available Google fonts, add shadow, turn on drop cap, add custom Typekit, and more.

The inline text processor is very useful for the following actions.

  1. Correct spelling errors or change wording to current content
  2. Create long blog posts
  3. Landing page optimization

Flexibility theme

You’re not bound to continue working with your WordPress theme’s included page builder. Most users are used to the interface of themes such as Astra, Hestia, Ocean WP and Generate Press and enjoy working with them. The flexibility of the plugin ensures that Elementor works with each WordPress theme together without creating error messages. So you can continue to use your favorite theme without any worries

Hello WordPress elementor theme

Elementor also delivers its own theme called Hello. This theme is ideal for users who are not bound to a fixed theme and want to build a template from scratch. This is theme with a free blank canvas that doesn’t need coding and works well. Hello allows you to build a website in its entirety, including your own header and footer.

Full revision history

You can go back to one of the previous versions of your web building process at any time, should you decide that you want to undo certain changes. The plug-in allows you to save all input/changes so you can quickly return to an older version when needed.


Elementor is free and open-source, and in fact 90% of all features are available in the free subscription. It is free to install from the WordPress plug-in library or the official Elementor site. The Pro plan gives you some extras that are essential for most professional web designers.

Elementor’s pricing structure is as follows:

  1. Free version (not all options available)

Premium versions

  1. Personal: US $49/year for 1 site
  2. Plus: US $99/year for 3 sites
  3. Expert: US $199/year for 1,000 sites

If you only have one website to build or maintain, the personal plan is fine. But if you’re a professional website builder, the Expert plan would be perfectly suited.

Start with the free version

A big advantage is that you don’t have to start with the Pro version, but you can just start with the free version. Once you’re satisfied and mastered elementor features, you can maximize your workflow by improving to the premium version. The premium version also gives you a 30-day not-good-money-back guarantee and attractive renewal discounts. Check out the Elementor website to see what elements you get with each plan.

elementor-pro-rickid web design

Get more out of the pro version of elementor

Elementor stands out for its feature-rich free version, which is more than enough for personal and business WordPress websites. The free version of Elementor offers features that are more than enough for everyone to create a decent functional site. But the Pro version goes a step further and offers extensive customization options especially useful for a professional designer.

Theme adjustment

The Theme Builder gives you more control over the design of your site. You can expect the following elements with the premium version

  1. Create unique headers and footers;
  2. Create dynamic and customized templates;
  3. Use dynamic widgets;
  4. Use custom layouts;
  5. Create search results or 404 pages
  6. Bypass templates for each message.

Additional modules

The more than 90 additional modules help you create essential elements of your website, including blog posts, forms, headlines, price lists, WooCommerce, progress bars, share buttons, reviews, and more.

Pro templates

This includes a selection of high-quality and professional premium templates. You can easily import multiple and even personalize the core elements the way you want.


Useful widgets

It’s the professional widgets that make your website’s building process extremely fast and powerful. You can use the standard or premium widget to improve the functionality of your site. Elementor Pro widgets give you more authority and accessibility to build professional WordPress/WooCommerce sites. For example, Global Widgets are a great way to customize a specific widget that is displayed in multiple places of the site.

elementor woocommerce widgets

Restrict user access

It is not very professional and very difficult when customers or employees take matters into their own hands by changing modules/elements of the website or putting them somewhere else. Other authors may also accidentally delete the site elements to increase the developer’s workload. You can easily change this with the user access. As an admin, you can grant other authors or users on the site rights that they can or cannot customize, for example. This prevents elements from being moved without your permission.

Pro updates and support

The Elementor team regularly adds fixes and features that are only available to Pro subscribers. This is on top of the 24/7 support of the elementor team if you ever get stuck in elementor somewhere. You get support through ticket-based emails. Instructions and YouTube tutorials are other benefits that help you to solve problems in Elementor.


Various integration possibilities exist with third-party marketing apps such as MailChimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Drip and Zapier.


Elementor licenses

If your Pro license expires after 1 year and you haven’t renewed, you’ll lose access to most Pro features, support, and future updates. However, you can still continue to use regular elementor modules, theme creation features, pop-up features, and so on. It is therefore advisable to renew your pro license on time so that you do not lose these pro features.

Elementor: what’s good about it?

  • Live preview
  • No restrictions for WP Block Editor
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Technical know-how not required
  • High-quality templates
  • Handy video guides
  • Powerful pop-up builder
  • Proper selection of elements
  • Extended mobile response speed
  • Theme Builder for advanced customization
  • Regular updates
  • It does not slow down system

Elementor: what’s not right about it?

  • Can’t filter free and paid templates
  • Does not detect incompatible features
  • Some useful features are missing
  • Third-party add-ons cause problems

Be patient with elementor

Maybe it’s a bit of a challenge at first to master working with elementor. If you’re patient and you’ve mastered the features, you’ll certainly be excited about the possibilities elementor offers.


However, Elementor will not be an appropriate choice for everyone, so who is it essentially for?

The free version is great for bloggers and content administrators. It’s also suitable for starting designers, because you get the most flexibility from all page builders. And the pro version is fine to use for the professional web designer.

Most advanced pagebuilder on the market

Elementor is the most advanced and free page builder currently on the market. This allows you to optimize and customize the look of your WordPress site significantly more than any other pagbuilder. And for this you don’t need any knowledge of CSS or PHP at all.

Want to know more about Elementor.

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Download elementor

You can download the free elementor plugin via the elementor website or via the wordpress repository. Via the elementor website you can also purchase the pro version.