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Professional web design Amsterdam

Do you want to create a professional and modern website that meets all the modern standards that come to the fore on the desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile? And who also scores high in Google? Then look no further because Rickid web design has years of experience in building these professional websites. The types of websites that Rickid has developed are very diverse think of blogs, business websites, informative websites or publication websites. So this is an important question that you have to ask yourself if you want to present your company through a website. The websites are developed with innovative scalable content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal that are SEO optimized. Rickid makes every website tailor-made at an affordable price, a smart choice for you and your wallet. The customers give Rickid web design a figure of 5 out of 5.

  • WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal
  • Responsive Web Design

  • Good communication

  • Many additional possibilities


Website should connect to your audience

Rickid webdesign believes it is important that the design of the website fits with the wishes of the customer and suits the company. A tailor-made design for your website is being worked on with great passion. The design of the website should not only leave a positive impression with visitors, but also encourage visitors to come back, contact, sell or leave information.

Website must sell

The information on the website should also be properly connected to potential customers. In short, the website should not only look nice but also work and convert well. Rickid not only has the knowledge of web design, but is also specialized in search engine optimization and online marketing. This allows Rickid to take on the complete route from design to execution and maintenance. Finally, Rickid is working with the customer on a nice end result, which everyone can be proud of!

Contents of this page

If you want to have a website created then there is a lot to tell about it. But you may not find all topics interesting. That’s why you’ll find a list below that Rickid has written about so you can go through to the info you find interesting to read.

Design of your website

Create a website based on a new or existing template

Create a website based on an existing template

In order to offer you a good price for your new website, Rickid works with templates. Rickid works with many templates within WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. A template is a pre-designed design for a website. Within a template, all website functionalities have been well thought out and it technically works as it should. As a result, everything doesn’t have to be built from scratch, saving you time and the cost of designing a whole new layout.


Unique results

There are many templates available and there is one that suits your company. When selecting an existing template, it is important that you choose a template for which there is good support from the developer and with new updates coming out regularly. Also note how much the template has been downloaded. Rickid also has licenses of the most important and can also make them available to you. Are you afraid you won’t be unique enough? Fortunately, this is not necessary because Rickid can completely adapt your chosen template to your own corporate identity. Colour usage, logo, fonts, photos: everything can be customized. And that’s what Rickid can do for you. In addition, Rickid can customize your website with custom code (custom CSS) to make your website even more suited to your business. This gives you a website that you are happy with and that will help your customers.

To give you an impression, here is an example of a template as it was purchased and the website that Rickid eventually made of it. That’s quite a difference and the choice of an existing template is cost and time saving, moreover, your website can make it unique by customizing it.

» ..

premium website template_rickidwebdesign_640

Have a website created based on a bespoke template

Of course, you can also choose to have a custom template designed specifically for your website. Rickid will work out all the work that will be in a template so that it fits your company very well. This process takes a little longer because a template will be built from 0 onwards. Why choose to have a template built from 0?


In summary, you have a unique template for your company, which is unique in its market. In addition, you have a relatively small website that loads quickly. This is because you only work out the elements that actually need and thus remain small. As your business grows, you can also expand your template with new features. This keeps everything organized and fast.


First, a UX web design is created by it in a so-called wireframe based entirely on your preferences. UX or UXD stands for User experience design, simply put that the design is completely tailored to an optimal user experience. This user experience is used, among other things, to examine tests, user surveys, statistics and analyses of how a user experiences certain websites and web applications in this case.


A wireframe of a website is also called a page scheme or screen blueprint and is a visual guide that displays the skeleton framework of a website. Wireframes are created with the goal of ranking elements to best achieve a particular goal that can be to contact your organization or promote a particular service.


From this wireframe comes a website mockup (visual representation with colors, images and texts) roles that is created in Photoshop. This visual mockup is the first design of your actual site. Here your new website will be developed in WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. This process will lead to a unique design.

» ..


Wireframing and UI/UX design

PSD TO HTML conversion

PSD TO HTML conversion

Why choose Rickid

Why choose a Rickid web design website

Having your website made can be run by many parties. Why choose Rickid web design?

Experienced web design professional

Rickid offers you good value for money. Rickid builds the perfect website for everyone at a very competitive cost, whether you are a self-employed or a (small) business owner. With experience in the web design industry, Rickid strives to follow and apply web standards, best practices and user experience guidelines to your project. In addition to its versatile services, Rickid is proud of the diverse customer base with which Rickid has worked in recent years.

Some of Rickid’s properties

Rickid listens to your wishes and combines them with Rickid’s knowledge
Rickid is easily accessible
Rickid is motivated and eager to get started
Rickid provides complete services: Rickid also likes to host your website

13+ years of experience

Rickid has years of experience in the industry in the field of website design. Rickid has extensive knowledge of numerous CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. In addition, Rickid has specialized knowledge in mobile-friendly website design, customized programming, best practices for SEO and optimization of user experience.

Satisfied customers

From small informative websites to large e-commerce developments, Rickid has completed website projects for various types of clients such as lawyers, bloggers, artists, photographers, non-profit organizations, therapists, holistic healers, web shop owners and more. Rickid is pleased that over the years we have built up a personal relationship with many of our customers. The customers give Rickid web design a figure of 5 out of 5.

Together we create your perfect website

When Rickid creates your website, Rickid thinks along with you. The goal is to create the best possible website for you, so Rickid delves into who you are and what your wishes and needs are of your company.

Everything under 1 roof

At Rickid you can purchase complete services for your project from hosting, logo design, corporate identity, new website to advertising, optimizing and maintaining your website. With Rickid web design you get the best of 3 worlds! Rickid is not only a web design expert and graphic expert but also an expert in the field of search engine optimization. Rickid can optimize your website to score higher in search engine results like Google, which means more website visitors to you!

Short lines

To ensure a clear line of communication between your Rickid, you can approach Rickid at any time of the day by using WhatsApp, email, calling or by scheduling a zoom meeting. You usually get an immediate answer and if the answer is not immediately available Rickid will find out for you and will come back to you. As a result, Rickid understands your business goals and website vision even better and this ensures that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Aftercare goes without saying

After your website has gone online and you’ve had a rickid course, you’ll probably have questions that will come up along the way. That’s why Rickid makes sure that even after the project you can still approach Rickid for questions. This keeps the collaboration between you and Rickid optimal. After all, we created the website ourselves.

Rickid delivers added value

When you have your website made by Rickid web design, you can not only count on sharp costs to have the website made: Rickid promises you even more. With a Rickid website, you can always count on the following benefits:

A responsive website that incorporates your needs
A website that you can maintain yourself
A website that can be found
A website that makes money
Reliable hosting
Affordable one-time costs for your website
Full ownership of your website
A personal approach
Complete service and assistance
Quality website design
Good website findability
A great collaboration

Website design process

Working with you is the key to success! in 7 steps


From the first phone call to the kickoff meeting and then Rickid is ready to answer all your first questions. First, a free and non-committal intake interview will take place. The intake can be done digitally, by telephone, via a zoom meeting or by means of a personal conversation at a catering establishment or at your office. In the intake we will discuss your specific wishes such as the requirements of your project, which design styles you prefer such as a colour scheme and what is important for your company.


When it comes to a redesign project, we discuss what you would like to see improved. In addition, we’ll discuss the benefits of CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to help you determine which platform best meets your needs. We also discuss the choice of the template to be used or a custom-made template. It is very important for Rickid to get a good concrete picture of your company. This gives us a clear sense of what the right look needs to be and what it takes to achieve your goals that suit your business, service or product. With the answers to these questions, Rickid can make sure that the design is also the direct good! After the intake interview where these insights become clear, Rickid can draw up a tailor-made quote for you.

» ..


After the intake interview and with the information that has come out of that conversation, Rickid starts with the preparation of the quote. For clarity, Rickid also asks for a short briefing from you, with your requirements of the new website. In the customized quote, Rickid will explain in detail what the costs will be for your project. You can usually find the quote in your mailbox within 1 day of intake. By agreement,


you immediately afterwards sent the order confirmation with all the details and requirements of the assignment and what should ultimately be the result.

» ..

Planning and execution

Have a website plan created based on an existing template

In advance, Rickid will go through the planning of delivery with you. After approval quote, customer briefing and the choice of the template Rickid starts with setting up the website and filling in all pages and modules. The colours and supplied images, texts will also be inserted and the necessary call-to-actions will be implemented. As planned, you will see every claim from your new website. In between, each component can adjust to


your wish and we can work towards completion. This gives you access to a website that fits your vision.

Have a website plan made based on a customized template

After approval quote, Rickid starts the UX web design by creating a wireframe based on your preferences. Rickid provides 3 concepts consisting of a main page, sub-page and contact page. When Rickid is ready, we will share the wireframe or mockup with you to get your feedback and engage you in the early design phase of your website. During this phase of the project, we will work closely with you to create a custom design for the layout, navigation, content and call-to-actions of your future website. At this stage, we may only have lorem ipsum content in the design model, but we will work with you to put your own content on the website soon enough!

» ..

Development phase and progress

You and Rickid are an integral part of this process as we communicate with you and work with you to refine the web design example before development work begins. As soon as the wireframe and mockup are ready, a schedule with a schedule is sent. This plan contains all the components that will make up the website and indicates which part is finished when. This allows you to know exactly what we can expect from each other.


In the development phase, Rickid will convert the mockup to the new template in the chosen CMS. Rickid then follows the pre-prepared schedule. In between, you can always take a look at the progress. This allows each part to adapt to your liking in between and we can work towards completion. This gives you access to a website that fits your vision.

» ..


As soon as the first design of the website is ready, this will be communicated with you. It may be that the website is ready before the planning. In this phase we will draw up a checklist with the adjustments that you want to make before the website comes online. The website will also be thoroughly tested in the phase or all the workings. In this phase, you can pass on your revisions which parts you want to adapt to your project.


After all the revision dots have been worked through, Rickid will communicate this with you. In some cases, it may be that 2 revision rounds (for larger projects) are needed to arrive at the desired end result.

» ..


Once the website is ready and all revision points have been processed, the website can be put online. In most cases, the underconstruction page will be removed and the website will be offered to google to be indexed. Once the website is in Google, it also becomes clear which keywords you are found on and what positions you have been given in google. You can then choose to improve the positions in google and expand the website with more keywords,


at Searchengine optimization, see what Rickid can do for you here.

» ..

Aftercare, support and maintenance

Even after delivery, you will receive additional support, depending on the type of package you have chosen, read more about maintenance subscriptions here. Rickid gives you a complete explanation about the use of your website. Of course we are ready for the necessary aftercare that you wish. When you have chosen to have the website maintained by Rickid


Rickid will do the first maintenance work a month after delivery. Of course Rickid is ready to provide you with the necessary help if you have any questions. You may also want an immediate extension of the website. Rickid can then discuss with you what is the most efficient method for implementation.

» ..

Web design prices

Prices for a website

Important is also what prices I can expect with my new website project. Below 3 different packages, starter, pro and customized. Each column shows exactly what is included.


Existing basic template
Project duration: 14 business days
250,- Starts from
  • Latest CMS software
  • Logo design in consultation
  • Choice of 5 templates
  • Color theme in consultation
  • Meeting layout menu
  • Breakdown page in consultation
  • up to 5 pages,
  • Slider for the homepage
  • Contact page with form
  • Google optimized
  • Responsive design
  • Social media integrated
  • Search console sign-in
  • Number of revisions: 1
  • Explanation (via zoom meeting): 1 hour
  • Remote assistance: max 1 week
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Advice on SEO
  • Google business page


Custom made template
Project duration: 21 days
Starts from
  • Latest CMS software
  • Logo design in consultation
  • Template of your choice
  • Color theme in consultation
  • Meeting layout menu
  • Breakdown page in consultation
  • up to 10 pages
  • Slider for the homepage
  • Contact page with form
  • Google optimized
  • Responsive design
  • Social media integrated
  • Search console sign-in
  • Number of revisions: 2
  • Explanation (on site, zoom): 2 hours
  • Remote assistance: max 2 weeks
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Advice on SEO
  • Google business page


Completely new template
Project duration: 28 days
  • Latest CMS software
  • Logo design in consultation
  • New template wireframe & UX
  • Color theme in consultation
  • Meeting layout menu
  • Breakdown page in consultation
  • up to 15 pages
  • Slider for the homepage
  • Contact page with form
  • Google optimized
  • Responsive design
  • Social media integrated
  • Search console sign-in
  • Number of revisions: to be determined
  • On-site explanation: 3 hours
  • Remote assistance: max 1 month
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Advice SEO
  • Google business page

Rickid can also provide the hosting and domain name registration for you. Rickid can also provide website maintenance for you

WordPress, Joomla or Drupal

How to choose the best CMS platform for your business

Some of the most common questions Rickid hears are “which website platform is best for my business” and “can I customize my website after it’s launched?”

The answer to the first website question is simple! Rickid will discuss with you the goals and requirements of your website to make recommendations for the best website platform for your business. As for the second website question, you will definitely be able to edit your own website and easily customize it! Rickid understands that you want to make simple edits to your website after it is launched, which is one of the reasons why we Recommend WordPress,Joomla or drupal for website platforms. These 3 website platforms allow you to update pages, add images, write blog posts, and more.


After your website is launched, Rickid will provide you with training in the admin section of your new website. This ensures how to navigate through the management section of your website to create new pages, edit menu items, and save your changes. Even if you have little to no experience managing a website, Rickid can easily guide you through the simple process. Just call Rickid on 06-18511380 and Rickid will be happy to help you manage your website.

» ..

3 open source CMS systems in which Rickid builds websites.


WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and linked to a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plug-in architecture and a template system, referred to in WordPress as Themes.


Joomla is a free and open-source content management system for publishing web content on websites. Web content applications include discussion forums, photo galleries, e-commerce and user communities, and a host of other web-based applications.


Drupal is a free and open-source web content management framework, written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Do you already have an existing website and would you like to switch to a new platform, that is possible!

Data migration made easy from your old environment to your new environment

If you want to switch from your website to a new website, Rickid offers a revenue service. For example, you can choose to convert your existing Joomla website to a WordPress website and visa versa. Rickid can effortlessly convert your data information from your website to your new environment. The advantage of the service is that all your pages are preserved, so you don’t have to re-post all pages on the website after the conversion. The entire database, including photos and users, is also exported to the other system. Rickid ensures that within a short time your website is fully migrated to a CMS system of your choice.


Some CMS systems rickid can migrate for you







If you want to create a webshop, you can! Click here for more information and the possibilities

Requirements of a good website

What should a good website all meet

1) Website itself too easy to maintain

You don’t want to turn on Rickid for every small adjustment, and you want to be able to make your adjustments as quickly as possible and anywhere. This is possible within Joomla, WordPressand Drupal. This is because all three of these systems come with a CMS (Content Management System). Do you know how Word works? Then maintaining your own website is no problem at all. All three systems work very well in this. The systems each contain a pagebuilder with wysiwyg editor.


This means what you see in the system you also see online, so you’ll see your results right away. And the more convenient you are, the more you can do yourself. And can’t something work for a while or do you really not have the time? Then you can always hire rickid.

» ..

CMS best-choose-website_rickidwebdesign
Responsive design_rickidwebdesign

2) Mobile-friendly, responsive web design

More than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile users. With this in mind, it’s important that your website looks good and functions well on mobile devices. Not only that, providing support to mobile users is considered a best practice for SEO. Google will reduce placements in your website search results if your site does not support mobile users. You want to avoid this problem by looking for a web designer who can design a mobile-friendly website.


When you partner with Rickid, you get a responsive, customized web design. A responsive website design ensures that your website looks good on all devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers. Rickid provides all projects with a mobile-friendly website that looks attractive in any screen size. If you ever notice anything strange during the development of your website, Rickid will let you know the height and width of your screen so we can solve your problem quickly!

Best of all, Rickid integrates your responsive web design into WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. If you’re building your responsive website into a popular content management system, you’re sure you’re ready for years to come. Whether you’re looking for a simple responsive website based on an existing template, or a much larger responsive website based on a bespoke template with complex design or custom programming requirements, Rickid can provide you with the mobile-friendly website design you need for your business.

» ..

3) Improving the security of your website

If you are a website owner, consider applying best practices to protect your website from online attacks and malware. Rickid likes to make recommendations and implement security measures during the development of your new website.


  • Use a tool to generate strong passwords for admin accounts.
  • Install an SSL certificate and resolve any issues with mixed content.
  • Configure a firewall for website applications like Wordfence.
  • Place htaccess passwords in administrative folders.
  • Switch to the latest version of PHP and MySQL.
  • Ask your hosting provider if it routinely updates server software.

When it comes to the safety of your website, we advise you not to leave any stone unturned. If you have questions about protecting your website from online attacks, please contact Rickid for additional advice on the best practices you can implement.

» ..

Security website_rickidwebdesign
website speed_rickidwebdesign

4) Develop a fast website

It is estimated that 53% of website visits are aborted when loading a mobile site takes more than three seconds. In addition, about 50% of people expect a page to load in less than two seconds. If your website lacks these performance, the visitor is more likely to opt for a competitive website that does load quickly.


The speed of a website not only affects the user experience, it also plays an important role in the optimization of search engines. In addition, websites that load quickly typically have higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates. The position of your website will decrease if search engines determine that your website loads more slowly than expected. When Rickid develops your website, Rickid takes search engine optimization, user experience, and website speed seriously, both for mobile and desktop experiences.

With these statistics in mind, it is essential that your new website is developed with these optimizations. Rickid always takes into account the importance of site speed when developing a website. To make sure your website loads quickly, Rickid routinely optimizes images, scales scripts, turns on GZIP compression, and more!

If you have any questions about site speed, Rickid will be happy to talk to you! Call Rickid at +31618511380 to discuss your website project.

» ..

5)SEO-friendly website development

When Rickid develops your website, Rickid will implement its own SEO best practices to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly. Before Rickid launches your new website, we’ll set up the necessary 301 redirects, optimize page titles, write meta descriptions, improve mobile experiences, and more!


Launching your website is just the beginning of your SEO journey. If you’re really serious about increasing organic traffic on your website, consider signing up to a Rickid SEO subscription. This gives Rickid the necessary budget to make routine improvements to your website’s on-page and off-page SEO. The goal is to give you better visibility for relevant search results, increase your organic traffic, and improve your conversion rates. To really get some attention in the headlines you write, consider using emojis to pique interest. Talk to Rickid to learn more about the benefits of a monthly marketing campaign after your website launch by calling us at +31618511380

» ..

Learn more about SEO click here

SEO Search Engine optimization_website_rickidwebdesign
Broaden your gaze with extensions

Extensions of your (current) existing website

Do you already have a website that satisfied you? but you want to expand it, check out the following services that Rickid can offer you as additional improvement for your website and business.

Expand your website with a webshop

Website photo shoot, company or profile

Send newsletters with mailchimp

Create content (texts & images)

Have banners made for your online actions

Protect your website with cloudflare

Advertise with your website in google

Have blogs, knowledge base or FAQs written

Add multiple languages to your website

Add Youtube or vimeo videos on your website


Add animated banner or lottie image on your website

Maintenance, Hosting & graphic design

Other Rickid web design services for your business

Rickid web design is a versatile creative all-in-one media company that offers various services. See below what else Rickid can do for your business.

Also close your hosting at Rickid

Affordable hosting for your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal website, fully equipped for this open source CMS system. Also domain registration.


Cost-effective maintenance on your WP website such as updates, backups, content expansion, webmaster services, bannering action pages and much more. Get in touch for more information.

Have your corporate identity designed by rickid

The visual presentation of a company is very important, also because it is often the first introduction to potential customers such as logo, colors & fonts.

Advertise on Facebook or Google

Rickid puts Google Ads and Facebook ads in the best possible way for you. Rickid has years of experience in advertising for various industries.


Frequently asked questions to Rickid web design

Can I get access to update my own website2020-05-14T15:23:28+00:00

Absolutely. Make sure you tell me about your needs and Rickid web design will build the website in WordPress which is a platform that allows you to update your site quickly and easily. All the time. Anywhere. Rickid can explain how to keep track of your new site on the spot if you wish.

Will my website also be logged into all search engines?2020-05-14T15:22:39+00:00

Yes, Rickid does so by passing an overview also called a sitemap of your website to Google and other search engines. This ensures that you do not have to wait for your site to be visited by a search engine (e.g. Google crawl bot). As soon as you add new pages to your website, it automatically becomes logged in to all search engines.

How do I make sure my website appears on Google’s first page?2024-02-03T12:06:57+00:00

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO. Many web designers have a background in graphic design, but not in internet marketing. Rickid web design gives you the best of both worlds! Rickid is not only a WordPress web design expert, but also an expert in search engine optimization. Rickid can optimize your website to score higher in search engine results like Google, which means more website visitors to you!

What is WordPress2020-05-14T15:17:08+00:00

WordPress (WordPress.org) is a free and open source content management system (CMS) that is very user-friendly. WordPress is written the developer language PHP and linked to MySQL database. WordPress features include a plug-in architecture and a template system also called themes. WordPress was originally created as a blog publishing system, but has evolved rapidly to support other types of web content, including more traditional mailing lists and forums, media galleries, membership sites, and online stores. WordPress’s muli functionality has led to more and more companies and entrepreneurs using WordPRess to present their website. Many WordPress Webshops with Woocommerce have been added recentely WordPress is therefore used by more than 60 million websites, including 33.6 of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019.

WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for content management systems used.

What is Woocommerce2020-05-14T15:13:50+00:00

WooCommerce is an open-source ecommerce plug-in for WordPress. It is designed for small to large online sellers who use WordPress. Woocommerce is very popular because of its simplicity to install, customize and the many possibilities that are there to display and optimize ecommerce products.

What are WordPress Plugins2020-01-13T18:46:07+00:00

What exactly are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is one of the most commonly used and accessible systems for creating a website. That’s why several developers develop programs for WordPress that an end user can use for its website. These programs for WordPress are also called plugins and can be easily installed on your WordPress site. For example, the functionalities that a plugin has are not in WordPress Themes, plugins offer more diverse functionalities. Plugins are in diversity of functionalities, for example forms, payment function, bookings and appointments or a webshop option. Most plugins are free of charge and for some plugins with extensive functionalities are paid versions. Often the free plugins also have a paid version which is more extensive. These paid plugins are called premium plugins and offer additional possibilities that the free version does not have. That’s why it’s useful to know what options these premium plugins offer and whether you can use it for your business.

Rickid web design field

Rickid web design works throughout the Netherlands and beyond

Rickid web design makes websites & webshops throughout the Netherlands. Rickid not only works in Amsterdam but has the whole of the Netherlands as its field of activity.

Web design in Rotterdam
Web design in The Hague
Web design in Utrecht
Web design in Eindhoven
Web design in Groningen
Web design in Tilburg
Web design in Almere
Web design in Breda
Web design in Nijmegen
Web design in Apeldoorn
Web design in Haarlem
Web design in Arnhem
Web design in Enschede
Web design in Amersfoort
Web design in Haarlemmermeer
Web design in Zaanstad

Web design in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Web design in Zwolle
Web design in Zoetermeer
Web design in Leiden
Web design in Leeuwarden
Web design in Dordrecht
Web design in Maastricht
Web design in Ede
Web design in Alphen aan den Rijn
Web design in Westland
Web design in Alkmaar
Web design in Emmen
Web design in Delft
Web design in Venlo
Web design in Deventer

Testimonials (1990)

What do customers say about Rickid web design?

  • Erik Jan Bell

    Rick is a professional designer with an eye for detail. It was a great joy working with him.

  • Raphael Keyner

    Very well helped with my website by a thoughtful and professional web designer. RickId has made a nice website and logo for me I am very satisfied with it.

  • Richard Hartendorp

    For the development of our website of smart4eyes.nl I ended up at Rickid creative web design, and there they can make very beautiful things. The smooth communication, thinking in solutions and creativity not only earned us a wonderful website, we also thought about user-friendliness for seniors and visually impaired people. After all, that is our target group. Rickid's network then brought us together with an online marketing party, this partnership is now a valuable partnership between Rickid, the marketing and our company. For another step towards brand awareness and to grow to great results. To serve seniors with our unique product. In addition, Rickid is very affordable.

  • Chris Klopp

    Super good personal collaboration with professional company. Recommended!!!

  • Mimiris Salita

    Rickid web design has developed a logo and website for my company. Rickid is very professional because he understands what it takes to market a brand and make it a success. Moreover, Rickid can always be reached for questions. We are very happy with the results.

  • Ruud Ruijter

    Rick is involved in building the site, has good ideas and works well. Recommended 🙂

And convinced?

your website by Rickid web design?

Did Rickid convince you? Having your website made does with Rickid! Can Rickid send you a proposal? Absolutely without obligation of course, you are not attached to anything. Email us your wishes and we will contact you as soon as possible. Prefer personal contact by phone or Whatsapp? Fine no problem!

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