Project Description

The logo of the Amsterdamse Noten was designed by Rickid webdesign. Amsterdamse Noten is a shop in Amsterdam that sells fresh and luxury nuts. Amsterdamse Noten also sell various delicacies such as chocolate nuts, kernels and seeds, superfoods, dried fruit, turkish fruit and chocolates. The shop of Amsterdamse Noten is located on the Hoofdweg in Amsterdam Bos and Lommer. Rickid webdesign Amsterdam zuidoost is also responsible for the design and construction of the webshop of Amsterdamse Noten. The logo is designed in Adobe Illustrator. Go here to the website of Amsterdamse Noten. Do you want to have your existing logo redesigned or are you interested in a completely new logo for your company? Or just want more information about a new logo click or contact Rickid Webdesign