Freelance webdesigner Amsterdam

Freelance web designer / SEO specialist / graphic designer available for your company

Reliable Allrounder

Rickid is a freelance web specialist and self-employed and is based in Amsterdam. Rickid helps companies (large and small) and startups among others with the creation of the following results:

  • A clear website design
  • A well-converting webshop
  • Website maintenance
  • Professional branding
  • Animated bannering for your ads
  • Improve positions in Google
  • Advertise in Google or Facebook
  • Implement your new Corporate Identity or completely redesign
  • Make up flyers, posters or annual pieces

You can also hire Rickid web design to work for third parties. Are you looking for an allround professional web designer, an SEO specialist or a graphic designer for a short- or long-term assignment.

Rickid web design is currently available for both short and long-term freelance jobs and/or assignments.


Why hire a Freelancer?

Rickid can give you some compelling reasons why you’ll definitely get a better deal with a freelancer web designer. For starters, the cost of your project is likely to be much more affordable without compromising on the quality of the project. Freelancers are much more flexible with meetings, timetables and most importantly you will have to deal with one professional at all stages of your project, from the first assignment to the official launch. Rickid works one-on-one, which makes the whole process less bureaucratic.

Industries for which Rickid performs freelance work

Since 2007, Rickid has been doing freelance work for clients in many different industries. Rickid has had the opportunity to work with some great customers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and beyond. You can enlist Rickid as a freelancer (freelancer) for companies in the following sectors: ICT, Advertising, Architecture, Beauty, Blog, Catering, Construction, Dental, eCommerce, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Fitness, Health Care, Non-profit, Pest Control, Real Estate Management, Restaurants, Social Media, Travel Much more…

Freelance webmaster Amsterdam

Freelance Webmaster available for your business

Webmaster for optimal website maintenance

If you need a webmaster for your organization, you can also hire Rickid. Webmaster is responsible for the maintenance of all parts of a website. Rickid combines solid IT skills with a good knowledge of what an organization needs. Don’t you need to manage your own website? Or were you looking for help in managing or executing your online marketing activities? Rickid is there for you. Send Rickid a message. Then Rickid and you plan an appointment to get acquainted and discuss the possibilities.

As a Webmaster, Rickid can help your organization with everything it needs to maintain a website, to ensure that it functions optimally and that your online presence is further developed. If you are looking for a Webmaster, Then Rickid is a good choice. Rickid is very experienced and can be used directly to work with you. With you on location, or working remotely. And that at an attractive rate.

As a Webmaster, Rickid has provided a very valuable support to customers with tasks such as:

  • Manage texts and articles on websites
  • Maintenance and improvement of websites
  • Select and approve site content
  • Publishing and editing web content
  • Managing products and services on websites
  • Expanding websites further
  • Identify and solve technical issues
  • Creating new web pages
  • Developing and completing Landing Pages on websites
  • UPDATE CMS software in a timely manner, very important for security!
  • Designing and implementing content management system solution (CMS)
  • Coming up with campaigns and generating marketing ideas
  • Coordinating and conducting search optimisation activities (SEO)
  • Managing Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn
  • Devising and running email marketing (via MailChimp)
  • Creating and posting web photography
  • Applying good IT skills
  • Put into practice knowledge of various programming languages such as HTML5, CSS & JavaScript

More than 13 years of work experience

Rickid is a true reliable all-rounder with 13+ years of work experience for both large and small businesses. You are guaranteed a successful and a fine collaboration. You can turn on Rickid even more.

  • CMS knowledge of WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal
  • Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5

  • Javascript, jQuery

  • Website optimization

  • Content creation

  • Banner animation

  • Google Ads specialist

  • Format annual results or reports

  • SEMrush specialist

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Content management of webshop

Rickid Web Design Laptop
Some further specialisms featured

What else can Rickid do for your business?


Outsource your desktop publishing (DTP)?

Would you like to hire an accurate and fast Desktop publisher for all your publishing projects? You can also hire Rickid for the better desktop publishing work. Rickid owns a Notebook, with all the programs needed such as Adobe Creative Cloud. Rickid works accurately with tools like Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat & Lightroom.

With the formatting of all your graphic materials, you can hire Rickid such as the design and desktop publishing of:

  • Flyers
  • Logos
  • design and format ads
  • Design and development of packaging
  • Developing and formatting an annual report


Outsource your emailings?

Would you like to send a newsletter to your customer base once or on a regular basis in order to involve your target group in your company or organisation? Rickid specializes in various email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Inboxify. Rickid is happy to help your organization achieve more growth together with e-mail. You can hire Rickid for the entire process as you take care of the necessary content such as the texts and images and handling of the bounced mail and reporting.

Some examples of the work:

  • Set up your Mailchimp account
  • Optimize open and clicktroughrates
  • email campaigns for subscribers
  • ecommerce related emails

LET Rickid design your BANNERS

Do you want to advertise online with bannering?

Would you like to run an action on your website to generate more leads or conversions? These actions should then be well designed with attractive image and text. Let Rickid create your moving HTML5 or still JPG banners! Rickid specializes in designing actions in the form of banners and advertisements and linking and formatting the corresponding action pages. Need a banner set for Google Ads, DV360, Adform, Weborama, Sizmek, Mediahuis (TMG) or Platform161? No problem! Rickid ensures that the banner set meets all the requirements of the advertising platform.

  • A week’s delivery time (emergency also possible)
  • you can also provide PSD files yourself
  • Experience with different platforms (Google Ads, Weborama etc.)
Your benefits

The benefits for your business

Rickid offers customers a wide range of web development services, marketing expressions and graphic expressions such as business websites, e-commerce websites, content management systems (CMS), search engine optimization, responsive web design, website branding, website maintenance, content creation, graphic design, blog articles for any type of business.

As a freelancer, Rickid can keep costs affordable and offer a 1-to-1 personal approach. Rickid works directly with the various managers of organizations and companies. These are companies of all shapes and sizes, from newly formed start-ups to large companies. Rickid takes the time it takes to get to know a business well, understand and apply their customer base and their specific web design and development requirements.

Personal approach

Get to know the personal side of your business, your target markets and the various products and services you offer to your customers. The key to building a high-quality, unique web presence for Rickid’s customers is to learn as much as possible about their business.

Creative (digital) solutions

From simple websites to complex e-Commerce webshops: all projects are treated as if they were Rickid’s own. From planning, design, construction to publishing a completed website. Precision and great attention to detail are paid to all steps of the web design process.

A Quality Experience

Rickid delivers customer-oriented and specialized work in various disciplines both online and print. From development work, website and e-commerce design, online marketing to graphic expressions such as annual reports and bannering. With Rickid, you as a client have a real all-rounder in-house who you can rely on various activities.

Creates Change

Experiences with CMS systems

Rickid distinguishes himself as a web designer by the specialism & expertise in the field of various CMS systems for both normal and e-commerce. The CMS systems rickid works with and specializes in are: WordPress in combination with Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, Joomla and Drupal. Because of the years of experience and the many website and webshops that have been delivered in various systems Rickid can call himself a specialist. That’s why Rickid can be a valuable addition to your organization. Rickid also has several different tools from Adobe and tools for SEO optimization.

WordPress & WooCommerce





Rickid is a progressive design agency that creates sustainable results. Rickid uses technologies & tools to create change within your business.

Knowledge & Experience

Rickid’s skillset

Rickid has 13 years of experience as a specialist for both online expressions and print design. Below you can see the skills that Rickid has in-house and that you can use for your business.

Web specialisms

Banners animation (Adobe Animate)

Marketing Specialisms

Content creation
Facebook Marketing
Email Marketing

DTP & Design specialisms

Adobe Indesign
Adobe Illustrator
Corporate identity

Further skills and experiences: Branding, Magento CMS, Drupal CMS, Joomla CMS, jQuery, Javascript, Wireframing & Prototyping, PSD to HTML, Webshop photography, Conversion optimization, Photo editing, Keyword research, Google Ads, Webshop Migration, Blogging &more to come

Hourly rate & Work Location

Rickid has everything you need. No hidden fees.

As a freelancer Rickid works from his own office in Amsterdam, but this can also be done on your location. Rickid is very flexible in terms of location and working hours in his work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, Rickid offers his services at a favorable hourly rate, please contact us for the current hourly rate that is used. Of course, it is also possible to outsource a complete project. In good consultation a fixed project price can be offered.

Are you interested in having an assignment done by Rickid web design, that is possible! Please contact us by filling out the form below or contacting us via WhatsApp or call +31618511380


Contact Rickid for the possibilities

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    Rickid starts by identifying your competition and your goals. Rickid then develops a strategy to achieve those goals.

    • Analysis of your competition

    • Determine the target audience

    • Review of promotions and offers


    Rickid will work closely with you to understand your business and create engaging content.

    • Content organization
    • Write professional content

    • Contact forms setup


    Rickid uses best practices for conversion optimization and design theory to attract visitors’ attention.

    • Custom website design
    • Use of best practices
    • Unlimited stock photography

    WordPress CMS

    Rickid makes the most of this powerful CMS that currently controls more than a third of all websites. Magento, Shopify, Joomla and Drupal also specialist

    • Custom wordpress child theme
    • Optimized for fast load times
    • Drag-and-drop page editor

    On-Page SEO

    SEO on the page nowadays is about much more than repeating keywords. Rickid positions your website high in Google.

    • Keyword research
    • Unique / relevant Copy
    • Correct use of keywords the correct sentence structure

    Mobile Responsive

    More than half of web traffic now comes from mobile phones – make sure your website looks good on any device.

    • Mobile-friendly website development
    • Supports all devices
    • Beautiful on any screen size

    Hosting & Upkeep

    From hosting to security updates, Rickid is there to make your website work quickly and uninterrupted.

    • Super-fast hosting
    • Webmaster services
    • Ongoing website management


    Your website is launched. What next? Rickid not only helps you get traffic to the site, but also to get the right traffic.

    • Content marketing
    • Search engine marketing
    • Social media marketing