Why develop an ecommerce website with WooCommerce?

The main reason to have a webshop made with WooCommerce is because of the seamless connection with WordPress and the many possibilities it has. WooCommerce is the web shop plugin that expands the WordPress website with a professional webshop. More than 22% of all online retailers use this worldwide. Because of this large market share, [...]

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Which Payment Service Providers are available?

It is important that you have at least clear to yourself at the start of your webshop what payment methods you want to offer. Each payment method is subject to costs, these vary by provider. Some of the < strong most commonly used payment methods > are: iDEAL, PayPal, Sofort Banking (German iDEAL) and MisterCash [...]

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How will Customers pay in your WooCommerce webshop?

You need a third party to process the payments for you, a so-called payment provider. They arrange the processing of your payments. By default, only woocommerce is not sufficient. The payment providers are linked to your Woocommerce webshop with a plugin. In this plugin you link the webshop to the payment provider by means of [...]

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Can I get access to update my own website

Absolutely. Make sure you tell me about your needs and Rickid web design will build the website in WordPress which is a platform that allows you to update your site quickly and easily. All the time. Anywhere. Rickid can explain how to keep track of your new site on the spot if you wish.

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How do I make sure my website appears on Google’s first page?

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO. Many web designers have a background in graphic design, but not in internet marketing. Rickid web design gives you the best of both worlds! Rickid is not only a WordPress web design expert, but also an expert in search engine optimization. Rickid can optimize your website to [...]

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Rickid works with what kind of customers

Rickid's customers are unique and diverse. The entrepreneurs rickid works with include lawyers, bloggers, artists, photographers, non-profit organizations, therapists, holistic healers, webshop owners and more. Creative designs and satisfied customers! See what previous customers have to say about working with Rickid web design. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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