Which eCommerce platform should i choose for my business

8 Ecommerce Platforms: Which Is The Best For 2020?

Do you want to start selling products online? If so, then start by selecting the best ecommerce platform for the one that is most suitable for your online business. However, choosing the right platform for your business can be a daunting task as there are many Ecommerce platforms available on the market today. Choosing the right e-Commerce platform for your online store is a big decision because it is a long-term investment. Therefore, an important decision has to be made by selecting which E-commerce platform is suitable for your business. Each platform has advantages and disadvantages and each have different features, some more advanced than others. Questions like which platform is best for my brand? Do I have to choose the trendiest platform now? Should I choose the most used platform or perhaps a less used platform, but it is more favorable for my company? Below you find a description of the 8 most populair E-commerce platforms. The pros and cons of these platforms are briefly explained. There is also a conclusion at the bottom of the article that helps you to choose from one of the platforms.

WordPress /Woocommerce
Welk platform past bij uw bedrijf
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E-commerce Platform – # 1 WordPress /Woocommerce

Woocommerce logo Rickid webdesign woocommerce specialist
Als je volledige controle wilt over je E-commerce bedrijf, is Woocommerce het perfecte E-commerce platform voor jou. Woocommerce is een van de meest populaire open-source platforms wereldwijd. Woocommerce is specifiek ontworpen in combinatie gebruik met CMS systeem WordPress. Woocommerce is een WordPress plugin die je website in staat zal stelt om snel producten online te plaatsen zonder dat je enige kennis van html nodig hebt. Deze krachtige tool voor online verkoop stelt je in staat om zeer snel een webshop online te krijgen, mits deze correct is ingesteld. Hiervoor is wel kennis van Woocommerce wenselijk.

If you want complete control over your E-commerce business, Woocommerce is the perfect E-commerce platform for you. Woocommerce is one of the most popular open source platforms worldwide. Woocommerce is specifically designed in combination with CMS system WordPress. Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that will enable your website to quickly place products online without needing any knowledge of html. This powerful online sales tool allows you to get a webshop online very quickly, if it is set up correctly. However knowledge of Woocommerce is desirable for this.

• Best platform for SEO
• 1-click sales apps available
• Many service providers
• Full control over your e-commerce website
• Easily customizable

• Hosting can be expensive
• Difficult to solve
• Needs many extensions
• Most Extensions are must be paid for

E-commerce Platform – # 2 Shopify

Shopify logo Rickid webdesign shopify specialist
Shopify is one of the first E-commerce platforms to achieve great popularity. This cloud-based e-commerce solution is the perfect choice for people starting an E-commerce business. With over 250,000 online stores currently running on an e-commerce platform, Shopify is a proven way to sell your goods online. If you expect a large number of sales, Shopify is the best platform for your business. But why? This is because Shopify allows you to upload unlimited number of products, including variations for colors and sizes. No additional transaction costs are charged for this.

• Fastest loading time
• Super easy to set up
• 1-click sales apps available

• Weak SEO
• Checkout not adjustable
• Apps can get expensive

E-commerce platform – # 3 Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce logo Rickid webdesign Bigcommerce specialist
Since its development, BigCommerce has undergone major development and currently more than 55,000 online stores run on Bigcommerce. That is why it has become one of the most popular E-commerce platforms worldwide. It is perfect not only for companies of all sizes, but also for those who don’t know about extensive programming. Similar to Shopify, BigCommerce is a Saas product that is hosted and paid for a solution that allows anyone to set up a store and sell products online.

• There are no transaction costs, even if you use a third party payment gateway.
• They offer many analysis tools for creating reports.
• It contains the functionality for product reviews.
• Their SEO options are advanced.
• It includes a function of discounts and coupon codes.

• Inconsistent loading speed
• Stores with a high volume pay more
• No 1-click sales

E-commerce platform – # 4 Magento

Magento logo Rickid webdesign Magento specialist
If you plan to scale up your business quickly, Magento is a great Ecommerce platform. This platform is especially scalable thanks to its flexibility. With Magento you can design a basic webshop with only a few necessary functions. If you are looking for an E-commerce platform to set up a store and never switch, the choice of Magento is recommended.

• Extremely scalable
• Strong SEO
• Robust and rich in functions
• 1-click sales apps available

• Pricey themes
• Easily delayed
• Requires development skills

E-commerce platform- # 5 PrestaShop

Prestashop logo Rickid webdesign Prestashop specialist
If you want to start your online store quickly, PrestaShop might be the right ecommerce platform for you. This platform serves and supports more than 270,000 stores, making it more popular with platforms like Shopify. Best of all, it offers 310 different features, including 18 built-in payment integration solutions.

• It is open source
• Friendly control panel
• Lots of apps available
• Strong SEO
• Flexible and free

• Slower loading times
• Apps can get expensive
• Limited third-party automation integration

E-commerce platform – # 6 Weebly

Weebly logo Rickid webdesign Weebly specialist
Weebly is an easy-to-use E-commerce platform because it provides the essential tools you need for a functional store without any required code knowledge. The dashboard is simple, and you can even bulk upload your products to this platform. The mobile app is another feature where you can easily manage your business and you can easily print shipping labels.

• Excellent value
• Lowest price for E-Commerce marketing automation
• Stunning cheap and free designs
• Powerful email tools
• A simple dashboard that is easy to use

• Costs extra transaction costs
• Own stock management is still a must have

E-commerce platform – # 7 Opencart

Opencart logo Rickid webdesign Opencart specialist
Simplicity, functionality and speed make Opencart a popular E-commerce platform in the market. This platform aims to make life easy for both the user and the shop owner of Opencart by offering the interface in a very user-friendly enviroment. It is a PHP based platform that uses a MySQL database and HTML components with a simple and easy to understand interface.

• Useful for creating a reasonable multinational e-commerce presence
• Compatible with almost all current payment gateways
• Add a lot to features available through the more than 13,000 modules and themes available

• It creates canonization problems for SEO
• It provides a slow checkout experience
• It is not perfect for large and medium sized companies

E-commerceplatform – # 8 Wix

Wix logo Rickid webdesign Wix specialist
Wix is ​​an Small Business Enterprise friendly website hosting and e-commerce platform with a lot of features for developing a smooth online store. With the Wix editor and the drag-and-drop tool you can build the entire website, including selecting and modifying different elements of your site. Plus, with WIX, you also have the option to select templates and stock images to make the process easier. Finally, Wix offers free and reliable hosting so you don’t have to worry about server maintenance.

• 72 Free themes
• User friendly
• Accept multiple payment methods without commission

• Design options can be overwhelming
• Does not focus only on e-commerce
• No native POS functions

Which platform suits your company

Looking for a user-friendly, reliable online store with a very flexible design? Then Shopify is the right platform for you! BigCommerce is an excellent choice for you whether you want to start an ecommerce store or have a brick and mortar store and expand online. You can choose the Weebly platform if you are a starting entrepreneur and SEO is essential for the growth of your company. If you want to run a simple online store, Wix is an excellent solution for you. You do not need to hire a developer for this platform as it is easy to design and set up an online store. If you want an affordable and quickly scalable tool, Magento is a solid choice for you. PrestaShop is a better option for those who have no technical skills and want a good and easy to implement SEO option. If you have some web experience and know the basic website installation, OpenCart is the right tool for your business.

Rickid webdesign Ecommerce platform recommendation

Then only Woocommerce remains. WooCommerce now supports over 22% of all online stores – making it the most popular ecommerce platform on the web. WooCommerce is a free, open-source WordPress plugin that can be easily customized through the different themes. WooCommerce has many features and many official extensions. The entire WooCommerce platform is SEO friendly and makes optimizing your products very easy. In addition, there are excellent thirtparty plugins available such as Yoast SEO. These can help you optimize products, posts and pages for your website even better. Above all, WooCommerce allows you to have full control over your e-commerce webshop that you can fully customize to your needs. WooCommerce is suitable for anyone who wants to sell their products online. If you are a small business owner with some products to extend your existing WordPress site, or if you need a platform to run both e-commerce and an affiliate website under one roof, WooCommerce is the way to go. WooCommerce is also recommended if you want to start a marketplace or a multivendor site with multiple brands.

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Want to learn more about the WooCommerce platform?

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